Pre-Sale for the KATX Token starts November 27 +++ Win a free KriptoATM machine if we reach the target!

About KriptoATM

In 2017 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have finally made it to the mainstream and as more and more people are becoming familiar with the concepts of blockchain, many have wondered where to actually buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the other coins that are around.

In June this year, ICOs became the focus of the industry and although many crypto enthusiasts were buying themselves a stake in the future, lots of people that were not familiar with Bitcoins were left outside. Not having Bitcoin meant they could not participate in the game.

KriptoATM wants to allow all people to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, without having to go through the long process of opening an online account at one of the exchanges, some of which are even known for fraud or have had security problems in the past. With KriptoATM paper wallets, customers can simply store their Bitcoin holdings at home.

We also want to provide an interesting opportunity for crypto investors that are looking more for stable returns or want to hedge themselves against ever-volatile altcoins. This is why we have decided to launch KriptoATM as a tokensale. It offers you the possbility to receive stable returns, profit from our token performance or even acquire and operate your own personal cryptocurrency ATM. And it allows us to initially finance our venture, invest in a large network of a continuously growing number of KriptoATMs and make all of us happy.

The KriptoATM project was initiated in June 2017, and we have since been preparing our tokensale, received a lot of counselling from our lawyers and have thought about the perfect setup of our upcoming tokensale. With our background in mechanical engineering and computer technology, we are the perfect team to lead KriptoATM.

Register with our KriptoATM newsletter and stay informed about our upcoming pre-sale. Do not miss this chance to invest in the ATM token, in an industry that is still growing rapidly. There are still very few cryptocurrency ATMs around and average revenues and returns for the operators are at astonishing levels.