Pre-Sale for the KATX Token starts November 27 +++ Win a free KriptoATM machine if we reach the target!



What does KriptoATM offer?

KriptoATM produces ATM machines that can be used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. All machines are two-way machines, meaning that clients can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

When is the ATM tokensale?

The ATM tokensale will begin in November 2017. The exact date will be announced on our website, and via our KriptoATM newsletter, which is why we strongly recommend to register with our newsletter. There will also be a pre-sale, starting about one month before the actual tokensale.

How many ATM tokens will there be?

There will only be 10 million ATM tokens created, ever. Of these 10 million, half will be sold during the tokensale. Please refer to the Tokensale section on this website for further information.

What is the hard cap?

Our hard cap will be 10 million USD. Our plan is to sell about 1000 machines within the first 2 years, and the hard cap of 10 million allows us to still provide a reasonable return to investors.

What is the token price during the tokensale?

There is no fixed price per token. The actual initial price can only be determined after the tokensale is closed and when all 5 million tokens will be distributed to our investors accordingly.

When will the first KriptoATMs be sent out?

We plan to start production right after the tokensale is finished. This means that we expect our first machines to be delivered around January 2018.

Who can operate KriptoATM machines?

Basically everyone. We sell machines to clients in a large number of countries. We are creating a country index that tells us which countries are the most favourable to operate KriptoATM machines, according to legal issues, markets, and competition. Customers from these countries may be preferred when our machines are sold.

What does it cost me to operate a KriptoATM machine?

Of every revenue that comes from operating a KriptoATM machine, 1% needs to be paid into a tokenholder pool by the operator. The pooled 1% is then distributed according to tokenholdings. Also, KriptoATM charges another 1% for operating and providing the software, administration, and technology to operate KriptoATM machines.

Can I operate my own software on a KriptoATM machine, instead of using the KriptoATM software?

Yes you can, but you will still have to contribute 1% of all revenues to the ATM tokenholder pool. However, you will not have to pay 1% to KriptoATM for the provision of software and technology.

When will the ATM token be tradable?

We plan to start listing the ATM at exchanges as soon as the tokens are distributed to our contributors. The first payouts from the 1% tokenholder pool are expected to be paid around February 2018.